Junkyard Heartstrings is an acoustic duo cover band located in eastern Connecticut. The band features Heidi V. Sheldon on vocals and Jason M. Sheldon on guitar. Jason and Heidi have been married for over 4 years and both work as teachers and writers.

You can read about our musical journey in this post on our blog, Interdigitized.

Jason & Heidi
Jason & Heidi of Junkyard Heartstrings. Photo by Stefanie Trudeau.

One of the defining features of our music is versatility. We vary our sets for every performance and are consistently adding new songs to our repertoire. We perform songs from the ’60s to the present in a variety of genres. We play the songs that everyone knows and loves, many of which are not often performed by live groups, while also tastefully selecting deeper cuts from artists that appeal to die hard fans. One of our greatest pleasures is surprising the audience with our selections. The positive feedback and reaction we receive from our listeners and fellow music lovers is one of the joys of performing. To see a list of songs you might hear at a Junkyard Heartstrings performance, check out our Song List.

We have played for diverse crowds of different ages and musical tastes in a range of venues including bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, and private events across Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

We hope to play for you soon!